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Our Coaching Framework

To help you rise to the next level, we use the Nij Dey Coaching Framework.

The framework is based on: your beliefs drive your emotions; your emotions drive your behaviour; your behaviour drives your results in life; the results then reinforce your beliefs.

So when you're not getting the results you're after, we have to start with unblocking your mindset. 

Who am I?

My name is Nij Dey and I am a Motivational Speaker, a Relationship Coach, and a Certified Hypnotherapist.

I believe there are 2 aspects to raising your game:

1) Embedding - creating new thought patterns and behaviours, and

2) Shedding - removing the inner resistance, especially from the past.

Just like in a car, for you to move forward you need to press the accelerator (embedding) and also release the brakes (shedding).

We offer various packages for you to experience this shedding and embedding to take your life to the next level.

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Packages to suit you

The following range of packages are tailored to offer a range of flexiblity depending on your committment and investment. Obviously, the more you commit and invest in yourself, the faster we can achieve the results that you want. The paid workshops and the one-to-one packages yield the quickest breakthroughs to success.

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"Growing up in a family who joined a high-control cult based on fear and isolation from society, I was pretty much in the dark about relating to myself or anybody else. Nij took me through my back story, and together we re-wrote my story to get me to a place where I could self-manage the remnants of my past trauma. The knock-on effects have been immense. After years of hating myself and misunderstanding others, I finally embraced self-love, and found a wonderful partner. My life is now full of laughter and joy. Cheers Nij!"

Michael Thomas
(Buxton, UK)

Trauma Therapy

If you are experiencing difficulties in your life, especially related to addictions, depression, anxiety, low moods, suicidal thoughts or self-harm tendencies, emotional outbursts disproportionate to the incident, and you feel like avoiding others most of the time, then please get in touch. Life doesn't have to be this way. Nij has helped countless people with these symptoms - read the testimonials. Book a free 45 mins call to get you back on track.

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"Coaching with Nij Dey helped me with personal and professional growth. He empowers you, addresses your fears/concerns & teaches you tools to bring out your best self! Through coaching, my confidence increased and I learnt how to approach stressful situations better without having an emotional response. He uses a variety of methods and exercises so no session is the same, and he tailors his coaching to suit your needs and understanding. He is the coach I was after - tells you exactly how it is! An awesome coach. Thank you Nij!"

Jayshree Sharma
Pharmacist Branch Manager

Relationship/ Family Coaching

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Experience joy and peace again.

"After lockdown I found I had lost purpose, was depressed, and didn’t have the motivation or direction to get back on my feet. My first session with Nij was an eye opener! By the end of it I started to understand why I was feeling this way and what we needed to work on. We began by shifting my inner beliefs and improving the relationship with myself. This has allowed me to be more present and focused, rather than absorbed in negative thoughts. He also trained me to use the power of manifesting to regulate my emotions. Now 6 months later it’s been a complete turnaround, not only for myself but for my family too. I have manifested a new job that I love, I have more time for my family, and I have so much more zest for life because of that conviction in myself. I would encourage anyone who wants to get out of depression or is feeling overwhelmed, to take that first step with Nij Dey Coaching & Hypnotherapy. It’s changed my life!"

Amit Shah
Senior Technology Recruiter

"Following the birth of my son, I struggled to gain confidence, feeling like I was failing as a mother and not being as present as I wanted to be. Through having sessions with Nij I realised I was suffering from postpartum anxiety. Nij used a variety of different exercises to transform how I was feeling, including developing a daily plan. I now understand that I am doing the best for my son by valuing myself first, and knowing that I can and am a loving, caring and present mom. I’m in a much better place thanks to Nij Dey Coaching! I would highly recommend Nij for anyone struggling with their emotions. He is incredibly professional, empathic and compassionate, all the qualities I look for in a coach/therapist. Thank you Nij for everything!"

Jyoti Shah
Psychotherapist, NHS

"I presented to Nij Dey with what I assumed to be symptoms of an anger issue. However, through his wisdom and experience, he knew that this was a masquerading symptom. My deeper issue was my fearful attachment style. Through his thoughtfully personalised plan of action, and his gentle and respectful approach, the change in me began. I have gone from feeling like I was on a constant rollercoaster of emotions, with zero control, to now having some distance between me and the emotions, and to be able to pause and respond to the emotional triggers, rather than to immediately react with charged emotions. But the biggest impact is how much more enriched and more joyful my interactions are with those around me. When I'm happier, naturally people want to be around me more. Wow. What a difference!"

Private sector

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