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What you'll get:

  • Online Success Breakthrough Workshop (sold separately £199)
  • Online Attracting Financial Abundance Course - using the power of manifesting (sold separately £50)
  • BONUS: Loving Yourself Workshop - Live Event in Apr/May 2024 - either Birmingham or London (sold separately £35)
  • Total = £284
  • For you TODAY = (min) £65

After purchase, you will be prompted via email to setup a password for your personal online library. The online courses are accessible at any time, using your username and password.

Your journey - how the online courses flow:
Start with the Success Breakthrough Workshop (SBW). It has 10 video modules, where each video will take you through a step by step process to create your personal success story at the end (using the Nij Dey Coaching Framework). The course teaches you how the subconscious mind works and how to identify and to deal with limiting beliefs - your blockers.

This personal success story can then be used in the Attracting Financial Abundance (AFA) program. Even if the success story is not about money, the 5 step manifesting process can still be used for that particular story.

I expect you will have an amazing experience because these courses are all about discovering you, and deepening your understanding of you. When you truly learn to tap into your subconcious mind by shedding the negative beliefs, and embedding the new success story, you can breakthrough to those new heights that you've been striving for!


We are holding the Loving Yourself Workshop sometime in 2024 (in Birmingham and London).
You will also receive 1 free (in person) ticket to be used in 1 of the 2 events.
Note: no monetary value can be claimed if this ticket is not used.
This is one of the most transformative workshops under Nij Dey Coaching, so start getting excited to attend!
More details to follow (via email).

Any questions before/after buying, email: [email protected]

What People Are Saying:

Following the birth of my son, I struggled to gain confidence, feeling like I was failing as a mother and not being as present as I wanted to be. I realised I was suffering from postpartum anxiety. Nij helped me to re-write my story as a mother. I now understand that I am doing the best for my son by valuing myself first, and knowing that I can and am a loving, caring and present mom. I’m in a much better place thanks to Nij Dey! I would highly recommend this success breakthrough course to transform how you're feeling.

Jyoti Shah - Psychotherapist, NHS

Re-writing my story helped me to transform my life. Growing up in a family who joined a high-control cult based on fear and isolation from society, I was pretty much in the dark about relating to myself or anybody else. Nij took me through my back story, and together we re-wrote my story to get me to a place where I could self-manage the remnants of my past trauma. The knock-on effects have been immense. After years of hating myself and misunderstanding others, I finally embraced self-love, and have found a wonderful partner. My life is now full of laughter and joy. I highly recommend editing your inner story using this success breakthrough workshop!

Michael Thomas

£65.00 GBP or more

There is a 30 day money back guarantee, no questions asked, provided that videos 6-10 of the SBW course have NOT been started/watched, and videos 3-4 of the AFA course have not been started/watched. If the above mentioned videos have been started, a refund request will NOT be accepted (even if it is within the 30 day period).